Tony Clifford

Emeritus Professor at Leeds University, U.K. and company founder

has published over 150 research papers in refereed journals as well as books and book chapters. He was made Royal Society Leverhulme Research Fellow in supercritical fluids in 1990. He has written a standard book ‘Fundamentals of Supercritical Fluids’ published by the Oxford University Press in 1998, ISBN 0 19 850137 4. This book almost is out of print, but is now available on-line. He and his colleagues were pioneers in the use of superheated water in chemical processes and he is an inventor on the basic patent for this area: US Patent 6,352,644 (2002).

Peter Hammond

is also an inventor on this patent and has a background in engineering and business. He is invaluable in building equipment for our processes and for those of others.

Harold Vandenburg

has an academic background and publications in clean technology and has adapted these well and innovatively to industrial process development.

Ricky Green

has a background in analytical chemistry. This is important directly in process development and monitoring, but also he has used his knowledge in sample preparation for analysis in developing separation methods for our products.