Critical Processes have for many years acted as a third party analysis facility, working primarily with external forensic scientists and fire investigation consultants. We offer a rapid, comprehensive and cost effective screening service of fire debris samples for the presence of accelerants as an aid to determining the cause of a fire.

Investigators who have taken debris samples from fire scenes can submit them for analysis to our modern facility based in North Yorkshire. Samples are “logged” into our laboratory sample register to maintain the chain of evidence. When this is completed the samples are ready to be tested in accordance with our approved analysis protocol.

Trained professional analysts carry out all work under the guidance of Professor Keith Bartle, a respected expert in the field of chromatography who has extensive experience as an expert witness in both civil and criminal litigation. This service is inclusive of a report complete with chromatographic evidence.

Two types of analysis are available. Firstly the sample can be analysed and screened visually against our reference library to determine the presence of an accelerant. Depending on the initial results obtained, a second identification analysis can be performed where the screened samples are compared to chromatograms of the most likely accelerants analysed on the same day. Note that only reports from the second identification tests are suitable for admission as evidence in court.


Fire debris analysis

Experts in accelerant determination and identification by gas chromatography

Over ten years of experience

Rapid sample turn round

Established expert witness capability

Screening against our accelerant library from £125 per sample

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