Our manufacturing operations involve working on plant materials to obtain valuable products by extraction and separation. Clean methods are used such as water, superheated water and ethanol extraction and column separation using water, ethanol and ethyl acetate.

Pilot scale superheated water system 1Small production plant

Our processes have arisen from research contract studies for customers who wanted clean natural products and then decided that we should manufacture them. The products are used as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetic ingredients.

Natural products recovery large

Refining a pharmaceutical product

Because of commercial confidentiality for both our customers and ourselves we cannot describe examples in detail. One is a component in a sun cream and an after-sun cream, which treats erithyma (redness from over-exposure to the sun) and which was developed from a traditional remedy. Others are a natural hair dye and a hair treatment compound. We also have a innovative and at present confidential method of obtaining oils and waxes from plant materials.